Francis Grasso


Francis Grasso is considered by most modern day disco jockeys to be the inventing father of the DJ technique by mixing two records together using slip-quing technique. DJ Francis completely changed the game of Disco music. Before him, DJ’s submitted to what the patrons wanted, supplying recognizable music that would appeal to the crowd. Occasionally, DJ’s would add a different spin on top of these popular charts. DJ Francis wasn’t interested in what the clients wanted, and instead provided a new, exotic array of songs, which the crowd would not have thought to ask for, he offered a full, creative performance with a narrative. He demonstrated to the DJ’s of later generations that the power belonged to them to create environmental moods, and that there were techniques for creating different atmospheres, and thus manipulating dancers.

His musical choices were also quite different from his predecessors. He played on the funkier side of rock music, using The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin on top of heavy black rhythms such as Dyke & The Blazers or Kool & The Gang. He introduced drum-heavy African sounds, and used Latin beats to entice people to dance, as well as James Brown and Motown (including The Four Tops, The Supremes, and the Temptations


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