Folk Music

Culture is something that is intrinsic to a people. Regardless of time, location, or circumstances, people retain their culture and are able to carry it with them during the geographical displacement of their people. When large groups of Africans were transported to America during the slave trade, we incorporated African rhythm and style of singing with western culture and the resources that were available to us. Black folk music is true American Folk music. We originated this music as relief and a source of enjoyment during hard times. Folk music was also away to preserve our culture in a new land. Staples of folk music include banjos, deep timbres, and a rhythm that was distinct of African culture. Odetta and Elizabeth Cotten are two famous and influential folk music artists. There was no major commodification of this genre. For the most part it belonged to, and was controlled and performed by our people. I believe folk music was the beginning of white people seeing the musical talent and soulful nature of our people and ultimately led to the commodification of our music in future genres.

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