Folk and negro spirituals- Kali Harris

Folk music is music that has been transmitted orally or preformed by custom over a long period of time. Folk music originates from the Negro Spirituals, which is a genre of songs originating in the United States and created by African Americans. Folk music was popular during the Civil rights movement, mid 1950s to late 1960s. This was the new form of popular folk music, but folk music goes all the way beyond the 1840s-1860s. Instruments such as the banjo, the djembe drum, and elements of the patting juba are played to create the music. Folk music had a strong influence on the African American community. Slaves sang the earliest folk songs, which included callouts and chants. During the Civil rights movement, Folk music motivated change and joined americans of all races. Folk music also helped Black artist show their talent and come into the spotlight. Some famous artist to highlight is Odetta, Richie Havens, and Elizabeth Cotten. Odetta was considered the “queen of folk,” Richie was known for his role in the evolution of folk music, and Elizabeth was one of the most influential singer-songwriters of folk music. Folk music is special to the black community and has been seen as an influential factor of Black progression and unity.

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