Five Songs from 2000-2018


Ms. Jackson by Outkast

I chose this song because I was thinking of Atlanta artist and Outkast is from Atlanta.


Crazy In Love by Beyoncé

  • I used to watch the music video and try to do the dance when I was little.


We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

  • When I was 5 I sang this song on our family road trip from South Carolina to Orlando.


Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco

  • One year my brother got a skateboard for Christmas and him and I would try to ride while listening to this song.


There Goes My Baby by Usher

  • Usher is from Atlanta, Georgia.


Sarah Wiggins

Sarah Wiggins


Origin & Characteristics Ragtime is a secular music genre that lasted from 1896- 1920. It formed from a previous secular music genre called folk music.

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I Got the Blues

Origin & Characteristics Blues music originated in the south during the late 1800s. Many elements of blues music come from European and African influences. Characteristics

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Negro Spirituals & Folk Music

Origin & Characteristics of the Genre Negro Spirituals are a type of religious folksong created by African Americans during slavery. Slaves would sing these spirituals

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Get Funky

ORIGIN & CHARACTERISTICS Funk is a genre that emerged during the 1960s as a form of dance music. It gained inspiration from rhythm and blues

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INTRODUCTION My name is Sarah Wiggins, I am a first-year Health Science major from Silver Spring, Maryland. I love children and medicine so when I

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