Feelin’ Funky

Funk music came off the heels of Soul music filling and creating a genre entirely unique. It became popular in the early 70s, encompassing elements of soul, jazz, and R&B. Funk is the all encompassing word to describe the complexity that involves the genre, the mix and combination of different styles and genres to create what constitutes as funk. Funk music became theme music behind the energy that carried the Black Power Movement, which overlapped the Civil Rights Movement, anti-Vietnam War and the hippie movements. Earth, Wind, and Fire is one of the great acts to come out of the funk era, that are still among one of the most popular groups today. Earth, Wind, and Fire, have been inducted into the songwriters hall of fame, performance at some of the most acclaimed venues, and sold millions and millions of copies. During this time commodification of the genre came at the hands of record labels boring their artist to create more crossover pop hits, it order to market to the masses. The success of funk sales even led to the success and emergence of disco. Disco came as a direct result of the sensibility that funk evoked, this feeling of ultimate inhibited expression that made you want to sing, or dance, or do both. Disco was the evolution of funk music, transitioning to a pop, club appeal, disco cannot live without funk music. Both genres brought us some of the greatest performers of our time, evolving with the changing time and socio-political climate, this music began to move away from challenging the times, and just going with the flow and letting loose. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qz_b1di3i8[/embedyt]

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