2000s: The Millenium

Contemporary R&B was one of the most popular genres of the decade. This type of R&B music consisted of blues, pop, soul, funk and electronic sounds. Entering the 2000s began with a lot of high expectations in reference to technological inventions. Everyone was struck with the idea of entering the millennium and what it had to hold

Even the music industry shifted not only technologically but also with its sound by putting emphasis on the electronic sounds to portray a futuristic feel. Many artists changed their sound to be more futuristic and upbeat to appeal to society. Which in fact, it did. Auto tune and other computerized sounds became a norm for many artists. Some artists such as T-Pain used this to his advantage as he based his sound off of auto-tune. Later down the line this particular sound was referred to as the _T-Pain effect”. Other major artists such as Snoop Dog with “Sexual Eruption” and Lil Wayne “Lollipop”.

This new revolution of auto-tune has changed music forever. It is hard to find music today that has not been auto-tuned or altered in any way. This is now the face of R&B and hip-hop in many different aspects.

Even when watching the visuals that are made to accompany the music itself there are futuristic elements all throughout. The use of neon lighting on ceilings or walls and light beams of different colors and angles were seen often in music videos.

Overall, music in the 2000s portrayed futuristic appearance in response to the expectations of the millennium. There were very few artists who did not conform to this new sound. Which affected everyone and shifted the music industry forever.

Artists who have used Auto-Tune:
Mary J Blige
Chris Brown
Sean Kingston
Lil Wayne
Nicki Minaj
Soulja Boy
Justin Timberlake

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