Some Gospel About Gospel


The modern definition of gospel is the teaching or revelation of Christ. Although, within the African American community, gospel music can be defined as a form of euphoric, rhythmic, spiritual music rooted in the solo and responsive church singing of the African American South. It is correlation of the development of rhythm and blues. Many African- Americans migrated from rural to urban life during the first half of the twentieth century bringing their worship culture with them. In which, gospel emerged in the 1930s from Philadelphia minister, Charles Albert Tindley (1851-1933), who composed hymns based on negro spirituals. Some argue that gospel emerged in Chicago from the “Father of Gospel” known as Thomas A. Dorsey (1899 -1993). The importance of gospel music is that it allows for one to be connected with their own spirituality and understand that there is a higher power at work for their protection/blessings.