eartha kitt

Kitt’s Fame came to a decline after her blunt temperament offended many people at a luncheon with many powerful and wealthy people. Kitt made her thoughts known about the Vietnam war. After this luncheon, Kitt lost most of her popularity in the United States and this led her to  primarily perform abroad for several years. In 1960, Kitt got married to her first spouse John William Mcdonald and then had one child named Kitt Mcdonald. In Kitt’s later years she continued her film career in television series such as The Emperor’s New School, she earned an Emmy Award for this series. Kitt also performed a cabaret act at New York’s Cafe Carlyle where she caught the eye of the audience due to her sex appeal and charm. Kitt was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006 and this was ultimately the cause of her death on December 25, 2006. Eartha Kitt had a long and successful career in the film and music industry and her work ethic helped pave the way for many Black women to come. She not only paved the way for women in the music industry but in the film industry as well.

-alyssia santiago

Eartha Kitt has grown to become an iconic and pioneering spirit that has inspired and engineered a new idea of black excellence while defeating the racist expectations of white America. With he style and haunting grace she has climbed the ranks to legendary status.

-imani ward