Earth Wind & Fire and Chicago-Concert Report

Chicago and  Earth Wind and Fire performed live in 2004 at the Greek theatre.

Important elements of the performance include, a strong bass guitar, difficult melodies on the horns and electric guitar. A synthesizer was also utilized for drums. other instruments used in the concert include a drum sets, tambourines, a keyboard  and a saxophone. Another interesting instrument used was a Kalimba which is an African thumb piano. The artists used syncopation, improvisation and groovy rhythms. They also performed tricks with the tambourines and created an environment for the audience to dance.

This concert was full of funk music. The two bands were seemingly very good at engaging their audience, both had to be pretty popular since the audience was pretty diverse. They may have both been playing funk however there was still a difference between them. Earth Wind & Fire has an obvious  natural groove to their style of performance. That groove was even reflected in their clothing since the members of Earth, Wind & Fire had a much more creative, or “funky”, style.

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