Early Trumpeters of jazz

Early Trumpeters of Jazz: Armstrong and Bolden


The early trumpeters of jazz, such as Louis Armstrong and Buddy Bolden shaped jazz into what it is known for as of today. By the 1920s through 40s, jazz had America wrapped around its thumb. The music of Armstrong and Bolden had been played in dance halls, nightclubs, and on the radio. 

Buddy Bolden

Charles Joseph “Buddy” Bolden had an alluring personality, as well as a musical gift that integrated both blues and ragtime. His career established jazz, as he was crowned the first jazz trumpeter. Being a very well sought-after musician in the “turn-of-the-century” New Orleans, local crowds continuously returned to his vigorous shows. Although Buddy Bolden never recorded any of the music that he made, he was an influence to every legend in jazz that made any appearance after him. 

Louis Armstrong

To this day, Louis Daniel Armstrong, also known as “Satchmo” and “Pops”, is one of the most noteworthy and distinguished people in the Harlem Renaissance as well as Jazz. His household name as well as his epochal sound outstretched to new & old audiences far from jazz, which dubbed him as a massive power in music. In Louis Armstrong’s lifetime, he conducted international tours, recorded around 1500 tracks, and he was also the very first musician of jazz to be displayed on the cover of Time Magazine in 1949. 


These men of jazz were unrelentingly influential in this music industry, genre, and for future male jazzists. Louis Armstrong influenced the future generations of men, which includes Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra, one of the most sought-after and well known performers in the industry of entertainment. Buddy Bolden influenced musicians such as Joe “King” Oliver, Freddie Keppard and Bunk Johnson, who was one of the leading trumpeters in New Orleans from 1905-1015, though jazz hadn’t been as popular as it was in the 20s. Armstrong and Bolden cleared the way for future generations of musicians. 





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