DIXSON Releases “Kream”

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“Kream” or Kitty Rules Everything Around Me by DIXSON is tearing up the indie RnB scene. His lyrics are incredibly seductive with this track that celebrates the everlasting essence of romance and making love. We have a real winner on the new RnB scene here with this soothing, melodious, laid-back track that is perfect for you and your significant other. Crack open a bottle of your favorite Merlot, sit back, relax, and enjoy this timeless jam brought to you by one of the newest sensations on the scene, DIXSON.

The harmonious, hypnotic rhythms will leave you in a trance wanting more. His tones are absolutely impressed with a range that takes you back and forth. With a Prince-like essence, DIXSON has an unparalleled flow with true originality and skills. His vocals blare sky-high then drops to a captivating baritone-style voice. This is what makes this track so impressive, plus the funky music smoothed out on that fresh RnB tip. Soulful, lovely, and dazzling are just some of the words you can use to describe this single. We have a smash hit single here — one that will continue to be praised and adored by new and existing listeners alike.

This song is brilliant and is burning like fire across the indie music charts. DIXSON has a magnificent presence on the mic with cutting-edge lyrics and complementary music. This is one of those ballads that takes you back to a simpler time when romance was still fashionable and trendy. The vibes are positive and the reviews for this track are out of this world. DIXSON is genuinely gifted with the ability to put words on paper and to fruition with memorable lyrics and a voice like no other!

Check out “KREAM” by clicking on the link below and be prepared for a musical experience of a lifetime!


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Twitter: @dixson



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