Disco, Techno and House Music

The term Disco comes as an abbreviation of the french word discothèque. Disco music originated in New York City in 1970. The music had been creates by disc jockeys, or DJs, that primarily entertained Black, Latino and gay audiences. From there, it evolved into specific dance trends and fashion trends. Disco music wasn’t necessarily about the artist and the song but rather the instrumental behind it. A three minute song could be lengthened to as long as 16 minutes due to this emphasis.

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House music is seen as the offspring of Disco music. Similar to Disco, the name of the genre refers to a location, more specifically a Warehouse. House music was born in the Warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. While it is dance music, there is more of an emphasis placed on its production. This genre reflected the black community more as it had a harder feel to it.

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Lastly, there is Detroit Techno music. Techno music is an electronic form of music that is produced by computer-based instruments. However, as with the other genres, these forms of music are not identified with the black community even though it was in part created by black people. Techno music also arose in the Detroit in the 1980s.

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