GO! GO! Disco


Disco originated in the 1970’s from urban nightlife scene from  and can be traced to urban cities such as New York city, where many blacks and latinos lived. Disco came about right after the 60’s,  where many movements such as the civil right movement and hippie movements and anti-war movements.  


Disco was not always popular, but the gay community managed to help popularize it. Disco was dance music and was beat driven and its name derived from discotheque , a type of dance the was seen in nightclub. Disco music was upbeat and often promoted a party culture and  made its listeners want to dance.  

Important Artist

Some very influential artist of disco music is Donna Summers who released many major hits such as “I feel Love” in 1977 and “Hotstuff” in 1979.   

Michale Jackson was also another artist who made disco music. One of hits included “Don’t stop ‘Til You get enough”. 


Disco was greatly influenced by funk and African Americans and Latinos. and had began to reach other platforms, but by the 1980’s its popularity began to die down. Disco has its own dance style and clothing style as well. Platforms, metallics,  and bright colors were all disco. Metallics and sheen fabric was also very popular because of how it caught the light and reflected it. 


Overall, disco music was a genre that originated in underground dance clubs. Its popularity began arise during the 1970’s, and initially popular among gays, latinos, African Americans, and those from the psychedelic communities. Disco often promoted a party culture and influenced the culture of club music.