Disco, House, Techno… what you don’t know

Disco, House, and Techno music originated all around the 70s. Disco music, which was started in night clubs, was parented by Funk, Soul, and Pop. The term Disco comes as an abbreviation of the french word discothèqu.  Disco with its more high tempo style is characterized by its four on the floor on the bass, and the hi hat on the off beats. Having four on the floor means that the bass would hit on all 4 beats in a measure, therefore making dancing to Disco music unbearable. House music, the first direct descendant of Disco, was mixed with classic Disco and Eurobeat pop. The characteristics of House music contain long percussion breaks, and faint singing. The central focus of house music is the DJ, who mixes and manages the house music in clubs. Techno which was introduced by Detroit in the 80s was strictly electronic. Some characteristics of Techno include a fast pace tempo, sometimes beyond the realms of dancing, Watery electronic instruments and the beat of all 4

Important performers such a Donna Summer, Chic, and the Bee Gees all made Disco what it is. Donna Summer the Queen of Disco had a gospel background with a songwriting ability which made her a chart topper. Some of her classic hits include ‘She Works hard for the Money’ and ‘Love to love you baby’. Chic who was a band in the late 70s created a wave of instrumentation for disco music. The typical instruments used by Disco music are bass, drums, keyboard, and strings. House Music and Techno both have similar electronic instrumentation. Starting the wave of using technology to create music Disco, House, and Techno lead to the influence of the genre of Rap/Hip-Hop.  Black people are the true inventors of this genre and that’s often lost in today’s assumptions about this type of music.  They are the pioneers of disco, house, and techno

Examples are below:

I will survive – Gloria Gaynor

Chic – Le Freak

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