Origin- a unique type of dance music emerged centrally in New
York in the 70s influenced by African American’s and enjoyed by all. The popularity declined in the late 70s. Influenced by funk, pop, and soul. Influencing house music and techno.

Characteristics- This genre is of fast tempo in which the drum
is the most essential instrument. ‘four on the floor’ is the typical rhythm for this genre, which is a 4/4 rhythm in which the bass drum plays every beat and the guitar in syncopation with the beat of the drum. Other important instruments were horns, electric piano, and other string instruments.

Social implications. Mostly played in night clubs which helped diversify and conjoin culture, Not only black people enjoyed it. Initially disco was not played often on the radio so DJs became high demand. From the genre came popular dances such as the hustle and the bump Disco became a culture of dancing, sex, and drugs.

Donna Summer “Queen of Disco” was one of the most popular
disco singer and songwriter though she did not limit herself to disco. Her innovative songs and style helped influence the genre and following genres.

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