Many people think of the disco and automatically associate the 70s, but in actuality disco did not gain popularity amongst Black people until the mid to late 70s and disco reigned throughout the 80s. Disco is characterized by its fast tempo, electric  Disco is more than just a sound, people were able to create an entire culture surrounding this genre. Part of the culture was the physical appearance. Popular trends during the disco era were bright and flashy clothes, large afros, big glasses,  and platform shows. In addition many dances were created. Inserted below is a clip from a popular show during the era called Soultrain. This video encompasses all of the previously mentioned elements. 

Popular Black Disco artists include

-Donna Summers

-Gloria Gaynor


-KC and the Sunshine band

-Thelma Houston 

-Sister Sledge

-Village People



Jubilee Quartets

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