Disco made an appearance in the 1970’s but was not originally recognized in mainstream media. The genre got its name from the 1960’s club dance called “discotheque”, and that’s where is was most often listen to due to the fact that radio did not play the sound. Interestingly enough, the clubs where disco could most often could be heard were not mainstream clubs either. Disco was most commonly played in clubs catered to blacks, gays, and latino dancers. Majority of the genres musical sources and performances came from African Ameericans. As disco began to become more widely accepted, interracial groups emerged such as KC and Sunshine Band. Disco also began to move the sound outside of the party club scenes and began to perform in front of more mainstream audiences in the last 1970’s. Acts such as Hot Chocolate, Wild Cherry, Chic, and Heatwave made it to the U.S. Top 40 charts. As the sound continued to evolve around the world, inspiring genres were birthed as well such as Motown. Notable artist of this genre include: Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Joni Sledge, and Donna Summer to just name a few.