Concert Reflection

Atlanta Ballet: Heart/Beat: Gospel, Brubeck and Rhythms of the City

The Atlanta Ballet presented Heart/Beat: Gospel, Brubeck, & Rhythms of the City at the Cobb Energy Centre. This performance was the first ballet show I have ever attended and I was able to go on opening night. At first, I thought that it was going to be like the Nutcracker, where it had a storyline with several performances here and there. However, my  experience was very different and actually broaden my perspective on the art of dance. The whole production was very unique and interesting for me and was actually a more pleasurable and funny experience than I thought. The second act of the ballet was one of the more entertaining acts to me because the dancers used their names and/or sounds, which was tied to a certain movement. Whenever the narrator said a specific name and/or sound that person would dance. This act help me gain a better appreciation for choreographers and dancers because I was not sure if the names were being said on a recording or if it was random. The dancers were so spot on with the timing and the light effects also created a dynamic I have never seen. The performance started making me think about all the time and creativity it really requires to create a dance routine and production. 

The last performance was an interesting moment for me in the ballet. This was also my first time seeing the Spelman College Choir and all their talent. Naturally, whenever I hear people sing I am always impressed because I cannot sing. I grew up playing the flute and the clarinet so I have always been interested by choirs. In orchestas, different instruments come together to compliment each other while in a choir it is different people’s voices complimenting each other. The whole performance was fascinating because I don’t think I have heard of any one dancing to gospel let alone doing ballet with gospel music. We were able to meet the mastermind behind this acts dances. The remarkablely talented Dwight Rhoden said his inspiration for the performance was inspired by our generation and all of the struggles we face as black people in a normal world. I think it is so important and amazing that people are able to convey purpose and meaning in their art.

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