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I had the opportunity to attend Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour on its stop in Atlanta. Ariana Grande’s music is generally pop and R&B,  and has elements of funk, dance and hip hop. The Sweetener tour incorporated many different aspects such as lights, technology, filmography, music, dance and more. This was a very enjoyable concert, and I would even put it on the list of one of my favorite concerts of all time. Her opener of God is a Woman set a very dramatic opener with flashes of red lights and a revolving burning sun in the background. Throughout the show, Ariana Grande’s choreography along with her dancers was top notch. She dominated the stage with her rhythmic steps and bold costumes. She also sported her infamous long high ponytail. Many artist who perform concerts in front of large crowd such as that one tend to lip sync, but Grande showed the crowd her wide vocal range. The most interesting part to see was her facial expressions and the tone switch in her voice when she sang certain lyrics. You could tell that every piece of this show was particular. Ariana Grande was also complimented by the energy and appearance of her background dancers. As a young dancer, I was obsessed with the choreography and the way they also incorporated male dancers. Even though the background dancer’s  costumes were not as extravagant as hers, they still paired perfectly together, but around the same style. Seeing their energy together in person was magical and felt very genuine. They were upbeat from beginning to end with numerous moving pieces throughout the stage. The audience was very lively as some of her scenes focused more on the lights and lively dancing. There was also live music played throughout the concert, and not just a DJ track. The big panel in the back of the arena served as a platform for the moon and the sun. There also was a platform that brought Grande and her background dancers from underneath the floor. All of the different scenes of her show were very well connected. There were not many critiques of this concert. The performance was very pleasing to watch and live through. You could tell that they were all seasoned, because this is what they lived to do. From start to finish the energy never died down, and the hard work paid off in the end. 

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