Concert Post

A Christmas Carol

I attended the Spelman and Morehouse Glee club concert entitled “A Christmas Carol.” It’s always a joy to hear Spelman glee club sing! My family always watches the concert on tv every year, but it’s a much different experience being there in the present. I thought it was really cool how the students came in for the beginning of the show. Morehouse flooding in through one door and my sisters through the other. Every single song was absolutely beautiful and all I could think was how talented all the students were. One of my favorite pieces was the “Angels Shouting.” Thee soloist was amazing and it was just a really pretty song. Another one of my favorites was the song where they sang glory to god in the highest. I’ve heard them perform this song once before and it was just as good if not better. Everything was so very in sync and once again the soloist did a wonderful job. Go Where I Send Thee may have been my absolute favorite! I loved how it was arranged and it was very unique. I could see how much every single person on stage loved what they’re doing. In conclusion, what I time to attend Spelman College!

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