Origin & Characteristics

Classical music began in 1730 and lasted all the way until 1920. It wasn’t until the 20th century where you begin to notice black people become relevant in classical.  Classical is an extremely structured genre. Instruments like the piano, oboe, trumpet, bassoon, clarinet, timpani, violin, viola, cello, and flute were often found playing in classical music. Classical instruments are played along toa homophonic melody.


Social Implications, Commodification, & Influence on Future Genres

Black people were given a platform to compose and record their classical songs. There were halls and theaters available for black people to showcase their music. Eventually, sheet music began to sell which made a lot of money. Classical influenced Opera music. Opera uses classical instruments accompanied by one’s voice.


Important Performers

Ulysses Kay

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Wendell Logan

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Eva Jessye

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I think it is important that there are black people in classical music. With African Americans being involved with so many different music genres, it shows that as a race we are diverse in the subject of music. Just how white people steal everything from black people, black people finally got to take something away from them and it happened to be classical music.

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