Chance Records in the 50’s

What was Chance Records?

Originally based out of Chicago, Chase Records was founded in 1950. One of the first artists to sign with the record company was the Al Sims Trio. Their successes helped to draw attention to the record company. Their records sold well and at a certain point, the record companys’ pressing plant could not keep up with the demand. Further down the line, the company ran into some obstacles. It was revealed that they hired non-union personnel. As a result, they faced consequences from the American Federation of Musicians. One of those consequences being the loss of their license for one year.  In May of 1952, the company was able to make a swift recovery. The company signed with various blues singers and eventually hit their peak in 1963- releasing hits and collaborating with other record labels.  In 1954, Chance records wound down and Sheridan became a behind the scenes investor in larger companies. 

The Faces of the Label

The Flamingos

The Flamingos were an American doo-wop group. They established themselves in 1953 where they signed with Chance records in Chicago.  They signed during the record company’s peak year. Songs associated with them are “If I Can’t Have You” and ” Hurry Home Baby”. 

John "Schoolboy" Porter

John “Schoolboy” Carter was one of the first artists to sign with the record label. He was a saxophonist and he was able to develop a unique style of R&B. His music and performances helped to popularize Chance Record Label. Songs that he performed included “I’ll Never Smile Again” and “Top Hat”.

The Moonglows

The Moonglows are undaubtabley one of the most famous groups to sign with Chance Records. They appeared around the same time as the Flamingos. However, unlike the Flamingos, this group was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Some songs that they are known for are ” Whistle My Love” and “Just a Lonely Christmas”. 

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