Brown Brothers Jubilee Quartet


The Brown Brother Jubilee Quartet was a quartet founded in the early 1930s in Columbia South Carolina.  

A quartet is a ensemble of 4 voices or instruments. Specifically jubilee quartets, perform formal arrangements of  spirituals and jubilee songs in close four-part harmony.  Usually consisting of men, each would have a different vocal range, such as a  first and second tenor, baritone, and bass. 


  •  Eddie Brown (Lead Singer)


  • Cedric Brown


  • Hugh Brown


  • Charles Brown


Styles used by the Brown Brothers:

  • lead vocalist
  • instruments
  • polyrhythmic
  • strophic


Looking for information about the Brown Brothers Jubilee Quartet was very challenging. Online, there is virtually no record or information about them, only about 4 songs they created. Overall, learning about Jubilee Quartets were interesting because you see quartets like barbershop quartets in the movies, but it’s nice to learn about the black history within it. 

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