Bounce To This: Big Freedia and Bounce from the 80s-2000s

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What Is Bounce?


Bounce music is a genre of music that can be categorized by the iconic triggerman beat. The triggerman beat is composed of an upbeat tempo with the infamous xylophone riff. 

Where Did Bounce Start?


Bounce was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 80s. It started in the city’s housing projects and eventually went on to become an iconic music genre all over the country that the city was very popular for. 


Popular Bounce Artists and Their Popular Tracks


  • DJ Cameron Paul

  • Big Freedia

  • DJ Mannie Fresh

  • Everlasting Hitman

  • Brian Baby Wlliams

  • Ronald Slim Williams

dj cameron paul

DJ Cameron Paul

big freedia

Big Freedia

dj mannie fresh

DJ Mannie Fresh

everlasting hitman

Everlasting Hitman

brian baby williams

Brian Baby Williams

ronald slim williams

Ronald Slim Williams

Different Kinds of Bounce


Bounce originally only had one style, traditional bounce. In the 90s when artists such as Brian Baby Williams and Ronald Slim Williams came out, they began to combine bounce with a more street element and this created a hybrid genre called “gangster bounce.”

Big Freedia


Big Freedia is one of the most influential people in bounce music, so much so that she is often referred to as the “Queen of Bounce.” Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1978 as Freddie Rosss, Ross eventually grew up to be one of the biggest bounce artists when she joined the industry in the late 90s. In 1999 she released “An Ha, Oh Yeah,” and in 2003 she followed with her Queen Diva album. From here her career began to take it off. Freedia eventually went on to collaborate with artists such as Beyonce, DJ Snake and more. 

My Opinion On Bounce


Personally, I really like bounce. I don’t think that I would listen to bounce music on my own time for example if I was studying or doing things around the house but I feel like bounce music would definitely be one of the best genres for get togethers or party music when you just want to lift your spirit and have a good time. Another thing I like about bounce is that one of the biggest faces of bounce is Big Freedia. Big Freedia is a homosexual man and the reason why I really like this is because Freedia coud break down some of the boundaries for the LGBTQ community in music. I think a lot of times in music and especially in hip hop, the LGBTQ community is not only excluded but looked down upon. So the fact that Freedia could be an icon for bounce and hip hop; start off in a time period where the LGBTQ community was not even fully recognized yet socially or legally (same sex marraige was not fully legalized everywhere until 2015), shows a lot. Despite the odds and the time period Freedia served as one of the faces of bounce music in New Orleans and the whole country. 



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