Title: Bob Marley’s Musical Career and Impact on the World

Thesis statement: Bob Marley is an international reggae music legend that encouraged awareness of social issues especially those faced by black people through his music.

Conclusion: Bob Marley’s personal values including Pan-Africanism and Rastafarianism influenced his motives for being an activist.

*- the parent genres of Reggae are said to be Jazz and Rhythm & Blues.



  1. Early life
  2. Introduction to music


  1. Musical Career
  2. 1962-72
  3. 1972-74
  4. 1974-76
  5. 1976-79
  6. 1979-81


  1. Religion
  2. Personal views


  1. Legacy: Impact on the World
  2. Awards
  3. Tributes
  4. Todays society