(1930s to 1940s)
by Nina Lee

The Genre of Blues came from Negro Spirituals and Folk music. This genre can be considered another step away from spiritual  music to secular music. The genre have roots in the deep south more specfically in Mississippi. This genre features the lyrics that talked about the everyday struggles of life from heartbreak, hardship and more. Prominent instruments within the genre are the slide guitar, harmonica, piano and bass. 

Blues in Minstrel Shows

Along with other genres headed by black people, blues was included in Minstrel shows. Many blues artist would travel and perform blues alongside white people who performed in black face. 

The "Father of Blues"

W.C. Handy would be considered the father of blues because he went around to black people, specifically in the south collected blues music and then reproduced it. 

Here is WC Handy performing himself the “St.Louis Blues” 

Well-Known Blues Artists

Bessie Smith

Muddy Waters

BB King

Lead Belly

Robert Johnson

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