Blues and its Chords

Blues is a form of music that was derived from folk music. More specifically, blues incorporated elements of call and response, negro spirituals, and more.

The Blues originated in the South with numerous artist such as Bessie Smith, John Lee Hooker, and the father of blues, WC Handy.

Handy was also one of the first blues artists to publish music and popularize it among the masses. 

Most blues songs consist of a 12 bar pattern. If I were to relate this to piano, I could explain it through chord progressions.

For the first four bars of the 12 bar blues, there would simply be a I chord.

For the second 4 bars of the 12 bar blues, I would use two IV chords, and 2 I chords. 

For the third 4 bars of the 12 bar blues, I would go to a V chord, a IV chord, a I chord, and back to a V or I chord. 

If I were to do this in the Key of C, my I chord would be a C chord, my IV chord would be a F chord, and my V chord would be a G chord

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