Black Empowerment: A Marian Anderson Analysis by Peyton Bolling

By Peyton Bolling

After reading the article on Marian Anderson, I felt very inspired by her accomplishments and impact on Black women and the black community. What I enjoyed most about the article was her initiative to take the lead for African American women to reject how white women were treating them and how white women were creating barriers to black women’s womanhood and full citizenship. Additionally, I found it interesting and very rude when I learned that white suffragist were oblivious to black women’s lack of access to their citizenship. For example, black women did not have full access to voting rights. Rather ensuring that black women were able to receive the same rights as those of their white counterparts, white suffragist did not take it upon themselves nor find it relevant to even find ways to support black women, which I found to be appalling. I also thought it was interesting when I read how Anderson provided a musical rebuttal for a concert that was comprised of predominantly white male decision makers and this was a barrier that black women still experience to this day in the concert music industry. The article was a great learning experience about Marian Anderson, her role in the community and in the concert music industry and how black women were treated during this time. 

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