Black and Blues

History of Blues

Blues was originally slave music was first hymns & work songs. It Gradually it became reworked into an original form of expression. This genre is created out of anguish, honesty, talent and self expression “the blues” arrived. The blues did not get its name until the 20th century. W.C. Handy is the “ Father of the Blues.” The blues travels North and so does this genre.


Black and White

The Blues was first started by blacks. As time goes on whites adopt this genre of music. They put their own twist to it, but ultimately this genre was created by us. This genre was used to express the hardships that blacks endured as a race. Whites took it and eventually created their own “blues.”

Famous Blues Artist

BB King

Muddy Waters

Commodification of Blues Music

This music was made popular due to white record companies. They used this genre to look for a new style of music. It is unfortunate because they got to benefit off of the pain of others. They would get the black blues singers to sing and record songs and would not give them credit. This was a hard pill to swallow because how could you not give someone credit for their work.

Legacy of Blues

This genre is one of the most influential genres. This genre not only had an impact on African Americans but also whites. Rock and Roll would later emerge from this genre of music. Sometimes these artists would give credit to blues artists for their influences. If it was not for blues other genres would not have come into play.


I have learned a great amount Blues. This was a genre of music that I often looked over and it did not seem important to me. I now see this genre was important because it was the stepping stone to other genres that I enjoy today. I hope future generations will study the genre of blues. 

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