Birmingham Jubilee Singers


The Jubilee Quartet Style began after negro spirituals were made popular in the United States. One of the jubilee quartets that will be highlighted is the Birmingham Jubilee Singers. First created in 1926 this group much like other Jubilee Quartets if the time was all male and unaccompanied by any instruments. From the repertoire shown in the discography of the Birmingham Jubilee Singers, one can say that they performed many gospel themed music. A style that this quartet specifically perfected was the art of “time, harmony, and articulation” that is said to be evident in their 1926 and 1927 recordings.


The Jubilee Quartet style is very unique. Typically each quartet is made up of four to six members whose voice parts can range from tenor I to bass. All of these voice parts are important to creating the beautiful sound in a jubilee quartet. Often in a quartet is is the bass who is singing the percussion while the lead singer is singing the melody. In the Birmingham Jubilee Singers there was not heavy use of a percussive bass but the bass was a very strong voice part in the group. Also, the inner voices added to the color of the songs they performed.


The Birmingham Jubilee Quartet performed for many audiences in the United States. Although this group did not last very long their music has been passed on for future generations to hear. There was not too much information on the internet about the Birmingham Jubilee Singers, but there music sounds similar to other Jubilee Quartets of the time.

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