Beyonce 2000 or 2010?

Old Beyoncé music v. New Beyoncé music   Which was more effective? Key points regarding her early life: -Beyoncé was born on September 4th, 1981 in Houston Texas -She has a sister, Solange Knowles, -she loved to sing as a child, performing in a multitude of competitions centered around dancing and singing -due to her love for performing, she became famous due to the best-selling girls’ group, Destiny’s Child, where she was the lead singer. -She was managed by her father, who was also the manager of Destiny’s child   Throughout Beyoncé’s career there has been many great accomplishments within her music. Beyoncé was the lead singer in the hit girls’ group, Destiny’s Child. Within this group she was able to attain much fame as some of their most famous songs became hits and topped charts. throughout the 1990’s to the 2000s. During this time some of the social implications were the presidency of George H.W Bush and William J. Clinton. Three of the biggest events were the Cold War as it was linked to the space race, the golf war, and the Los Angeles Rios. These events impacted the moods experienced throughout this time and therefore the music that was being created was pivotal in expressing these dispositions.   Through helping demonstrate these dispositions, Beyoncé’s music from the beats being syncopated and the sound being harmonic, to the demonstrating many events and personal moods. For instance, looking at some of the commodification’s, Destiny Child’s song “Survivor” was produced because the group had feuds going on, they been to be associated with the reality tv show “survivor”. The two began to represent the different survival tactics required in order for them to make it. As was used during the Cold War. The Cold War was a time of the domino theory and the MAD theory which required the survival tactics that they became familiarized with. This was no surprise. Additionally, looking at the song “When Jesus Say yes” that they produced was another song connected to the historical and social context of Black disposition. that song not only represents Blacks assimilation with spiritual and religious coincides, but it was also a song which intersected both pop and gospel genre’s. This led to the creation of many other songs intersecting other genre’s that wouldn’t typically be diffused.   Therefore, old Beyoncé was more effective as opposed to newer beyoncé.  

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