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Techno ... The Tech to Know

Techno music is often referred to as Detroit Techno due to it being originated in Detroit in the early 1980s.  It can be defined as electronic music credited by Juan Atkins,

Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May from Detroit, Belleville. Although it originated in Detroit in the 1980s it became popular in Europe in the late 80s and came back around

to ultimately become part of white rave culture during the 90s. Common instruments used to make techno music are drum machines, multi-track mixersee, computers, and

samplers – all digital instruments and software . Techno music was often heard as underground revolutionary music for blacks. Techno music has got its roots stripped by

 whites to make it more marketable to some extent. 



Hip Hop Concert – DaBaby

You Don’t Like DaBaby! You Crazy! DaBaby is a recently emerged artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. During Clark Atlanta University’s 2019 Homecoming, I attended their

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Implications of Folk Music

Implications of Folk Music In 1865, folk music emitted a sense of hope, comfort, and faith, but was distinguished by its secular nature, storytelling, and

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Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson Marian Anderson defined resilience and historical advancements by pursuing her musical passions without hesitation. Anderson transformed the question of  “When will we listen

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Negro Spirituals

The Legacy and Beauty in Spirituals As an extension of folk music, negro sprituals were based upon Christian values and mental freedom. The Great Awakening,

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Ragtime: A Misunderstood Genre

Ragtime: The Unseen Genre Ragtime is a genre developed by African-Americans between 1896 and 1920 and was often understood as a syncopated instrumental music. Similar

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