Author: Alexis Prescott

Donna Summer

Donna Summer: Queen of Disco

Origins of the Disco Queen: Donna Summer was born on December 31st 1948, in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born with the name, LaDonna Adrian Gaines to a large family with seven children. Donna Summer gained

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Alexis Prescott’s Post Portfolio

Spring Semester Post Portfolio Why I Should Not Take The Final I should not take the final because I have done all of the posts up to this point, on time/early, and I have completed

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Golden Gate Quartet – The Kings of Jubilee

General Overview of Jubilees There are several types of Jubilees: University jubilee quartets Minstrel jubilee quartets Community-based jubilee quartets Shape note/sacred harp quartets Barbershop community quartets There are also several periods of Jubilee music: Jubilee

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