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Pop Songs


Alexa Johnson, Isis Benjamin, Diamond Burton ( One other girl) Will have tomorrow.


What is Pop?

Mixture of different styles, defines popular music during that time. In addition borrows urban, Dance, rock and latin styles.


Mariah Carey

Mary J Blige

Drake “ Hotline Bling” “ One Dance”

Beyonce “Love on top”

Whitney Houston “I wanna dance with somebody

Alicia Keys “ Girl on Fire”

Aaliyah “ Are you that somebody”

Janet Jackson

Toni Braxton


Michael Jackson “ Beat It”

Nicki Minaj “ Super Bass”

Jacob Latimore

The Black Eyed Peas

Janelle Monae




Michael Jackson: His styles of dance, “Moon Walk”; and his hits still cherished till this day.

Mary J Blige: Shows the ability to be a versatile artists, from hip hop, to pop and gospel.

Mariah Carey: Voice with a wide range

Whitney Houston: Her ability to crossover to popular top charts, ability to sing and act.

Nicki Minaj: Barbie themed style

Drake: Songwriter, actor, singer, record producer,

Beyonce: Known as the Queen, has done R&B, Pop and even in her album “ Lemonade” brought awareness to some Social Justice issues.

Alicia Keys: Mainly was noticed as a R&B artists but was able to create songs that crossed over to the pop charts. Her style and how she displayed who she was influenced a lot of young women. Especially “ This Girl is on Fire” empowering young women of all ages.

Rihanna:  Reggae, Pop and R&B artist, that has created hits, some are still singing today. Her newest project creating a makeup line “Fenty” for all the beautiful shades of women.

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