Teyana’s Road To Fame

The life of Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor has done a lot in her  career in every aspect of the industrial. How has the impact of her career brought her so much success in her field as a black woman. What hasn’t she done? 

Birth of A Queen

Early Childhood

Teyana Taylor was born Decemebr 10, 1990 in Harlem, New York City. Teyana Taylor started singing at the age of nine. Performing in little talent competitions, she began to get her voices out their in the world even though she didn’t win any competteioyion.

 Teyana Inspired to become a singer like her influences Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Micheal Jackson.

The Time line of Teen Years to Early Adult hood

-Teyana Started her profession career in 2006 when she appeared as the choreographer for Beyonce’s Ring The Alarm.

-Teyana Taylor started her career signing a deal with Pharrell Williams in 2007.  

-Teyana First appeared on Tv at the age of 16 to MTV ” My sweet sixteen in 2007.

-Then later  appeared in Jay Z  “Blue Magic” music video.

She release her official debut mixtape ” From a Planet Called Harlem” in 2009 .

Her career took off when Kayne put her on his ablulum “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fanatasy”

Rise to Fame

Staring the the famous Movie Stop The Yard Teyana acting career took off with her role of Rena in 2010.

Then, she appeared in Tyler Perry Madea Big Happy Family in  2011 becoming an internet sensation .

Teyana later played in the movies of The Trap, After Party, The Love Selection,Honey,and Coming to America gaining a stop in Hollywood as a actress.

The Strut of Fame

Teyana started of Modeling in Videos at an early age but  She first Took the  New York fashion week stage  in both 2017 and 2021. 

World Wide "Faded"

 Kayne West ‘s “Fade” became a big break in Teyana Career  as we dance behind the song capturing the worlds attention. In the video. she shows the workout fit of the new collection “fade” as we began to dance around the gym showing off her new fit body. She won  best chargegraphy from just the video alone. If you didn’t know teyanan Taylor Before, you dfeifniting new her after.

Wife and Motherhood

Teyana Taylor got married to Iman Shumpert, a basketball player from the New York Knicks in 2016.  She delivered first baby “Junie” aka Iman jr.  Shumpert in 2015. Then we created her second one Rue Rose Shumpert in 2020.

Back from Retirement

In 2018   Teyanan released K.T.S.E, one of her first major albums where she shocked the world with her lyrics and beautiful voice.


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