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Hello, my name is AnnaLiza Reeves Carey. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but spent most of my time growing up in New Jersey. I am the youngest of six older siblings. Growing up, my family and I faced a lot of financial and circumstantial hardships, all of which set me on the path to my career focus and Spelman College. Here at Spelman I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. I aspire to become a multilingual Speech-Language Pathologist working in undeserved areas; and to eventually open my own private practices. Throughout my Spelman career I have become frustrated with the injustices which continue to work against African Americans, Latinos, and those with disabilities. I believe one of the most important skills anyone can possess is the ability to communicate in whatever form that may take. Speech and personal expression are the only ways we are able to share our experiences and ideas that have the potential to change the world; and if one is unable to speak for themselves someone else will surely speak for them and that tends to not end well for those who remain marginalized and silenced (a horrible trend throughout history). I believe it is important for everyone to harness their own unique skills and talents to make a difference like music artists in their songs and writers in their literature. It is my hope and passion to continue the work I believe I am led to do by strengthening the voices of those who have been denied that right for centuries.

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