André 3000-New Blue Sun- Ants To You, Gods To Who?

About André 3000:

André Lauren Benjamin, known as “André 3000,” was born on May 27th, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia. His Genres of choice are hip-hop, R&B, Funk, Jazz, and ambient. 

As an artist, he perofmes using instruments such as guitar, flute, and keyboard, and vocal representation.

Where have you seen André 3000? 

In features with artists such as Frank Ocean, Beyonce, John Legend, Rick Ross, etc.

Instruments: Contrabass flutes, Mayan flutes, and bamboo flutes.

Each flute is powered by wind (breath).

Opinion of the Song:

In my opinion, I wouldn’t listen to this song for enjoyment or anything like that.  It wasn’t a bad song; it allowed for deep breathing and meditation.  I feel as though the music could be used to calm anxiety or to aid with panic attacks.  However, it isn’t something I’d listen to for enjoyment.  I would listen to this song again because it did have a positive impact on my day.  It allowed me to find a distraction from my current life.


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