Andre 3000 evolution + album

Makeda Lee

Andre 3000 is an extremely talented musician. He is a rapper, singer and even an actor. He was apart of a hip-hop duo called “Outkast.” Andre 3000 is known for his style of music, his stage presence and his approach to music. His contributions to the world of music have left a lasting impact and he’s considered one of the greatest hip- hop artists of all time.

Andre 3000 has changed profoundly throughout his music career. Throughout his music journey, it seems as though he experiments a lot with many different music styles including hip-hop, funk, R&B and even some aspects of rock and pop. Andre 3000 has embraced melodic approaches by including soul, jazz and alternative music into to his solo pieces and albums. This evolution of his music allowed him to push boundaries and create music that is inclusive to all genres.

In Andre 3000’s new album “New Blue Sun,” shows this new alternative way of Andre 3000’s music. The song “That Night in Hawaii When I Turned Into a Panther and Started Making These Low Register Purring Tones That I Couldn’t Control… SHYT was Wild,” consisted of many low tones as said in the title. The main instrument he included in this song was the flute which carried the melody throughout the 10 minute song. He used other instruments that I couldn’t really identify to also carry the tone throughout the song.

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