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Jazz is such a complex music genre, it is made up of so many different genres. It is made up of ragtime, blues, marches, and so many more. Jazz started to be heard throughout the United States in the 20th century. The first recoding of jazz happened around 1917. It has been said that jazz spread quickly throughout the United States. New Orleans was definitely a huge part in the creation of jazz music.A key word to know when thinking about jazz is improvization. When jazz music is being heard the audience should know that a lot of improvization is happening. It is important for the band members to follow each others rhythm. So the music sounds good.

Some different artists that are jazz musicians include:

Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis

Some different jazz bands are:

Tower Of Power, Miles Davis Quintet, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Modern of Jazz Quartet

Louis Armstrong:

Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1901. Louis Armstrong was born into poverty but he lived his entire life being a musician. One of his jobs was singing with boys in a quartet in 1913. He learned how to play misic by listening to different jazz music. One of his favorite artist that he listened to was King Oliver. He even got to play with him as a second quartet with a band in Chicago. He replaced Oliver 1918. He quit this band and then later became a jazz soloist. He was the first great jazz soloist. Some of the work of his we know “What A Wonderful World”, “Black & Blue”, “Hello Dolly”.

Billie Holiday:

Billie Holiday was known as “Lady Day”. She was born in Philadelphia, PA on April 7th,1915 and she died July 17th, 1959. Billie Holiday was the best jazz vocalists of all time. Lady Day was discovered at the age of 18, Holiday was discovered by producer John Hammond. She was performing in a Harlem Jazz Club. People like her because of her melidoc voice. Some of her songs include “Strange Fruit”, “Blue Moon”, “Crazy He Call Me”, etc.

As you can see jazz music is very important to the black community. Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong are so important to not only to the histroy of jazz, but justs musics history in general. To hear jazz music it is a beautiful experiences. You hear the piano, saxophone, trombone, etc. I think that jazz music is amazing it shows the black communities happiness, sadness, and so much more. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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