African Roots

   When it comes to African roots and it’s music. The instruments are vital to the music that is made! The instrument that will be talked about in this post is the Djembe. The Djembe is a drum and this is the most popular drum in Africa. Some sources describe this drum as a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands. This drum originated in West Africa in the 12th century. This drum has three sounds: the tone, slap, and bass. It is often used for storytelling and healing. This instrument is often used for rituals and important events held in Africa. One interesting thing about the Djembe is that it is widely known throughout modern day countries. 

This instrument is still being used despite being around for more that one hundred years. So evidently this drum is imperative to Africa’s history and its musical roots. Some songs that people can hear the Djembe in are Djole, Jarafoli, Ngri, Kassa, and so many more.  This playlist is called “The Sound of Djembe” on spotify. The link is provided below.  

   As  you can see the Djembe is very important in today’s music to the point where there are playlists just for this sound. It is evidently important to these times if other percussion instruments have been inspired by the Djembe. When it comes to African music the Djembe is evident in a lot of songs and historical moments. This instrument is widely known but the instrument’s history is not talked about enough. 

    This is more than an instrument, this is a part of beautiful stories. I think that this instrument is super important when it comes to the black community and its history. Music is continuously used when it comes to the black community. Whether it is used for healing or pure entertainment. It is important that music and its history is known. The black community’s history cannot be known without knowing about music. That is the truth.    






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