A message to Hip Hop at 50 from Mikaela-Rose Porter

Dear Hiphop, how are you doing old friend? I’ve seen you’ve made some remarkable changes throughout these last 50 years. There’s so many parts of you it’s kind of crazy. You’ve got old school, jazz hip hop, g-funk, gansta rap, bim bap, trap, Southern hip hop, East and West coast hip hop, and the list goes on.

I am grateful for your affluence in our communities, which allows for growth and success. You absolutely represent how our communities can come together and keep together, even in the most difficult of times. You are a conduit for many, and in which all can contribute by listening, producing, and dancing. You speak on many comparable subjects and situations that may vary from person to person but can be combined into one common story that everyone can understand. I am also grateful for your impact on fashion because without you the world truly wouldn’t know how to dress. Personally, you have assisted me in keeping my head on straight in hard times. I’ve gone through a lot within my life and just being able to turn on some hip hop and drown everything out has helped me survive.

As is expected, music is continuously evolving. You’re still doing amazing, but there is a lack of care in how music is presented these days versus how it used to be. In my opinion, you used to highly empowering and uplifting for many minority and black groups when I was younger. In modern times, however, there are some incorrect musical depictions that affect how the black community is regarded, as well as the potential reaction that comes with them. With the rising popularity of “hustle culture” and the ideology that the only way to become successful is to essentially rob, steal, kill, or sell sex; I’m scared for your future a little bit because of how this can not only negatively impact you but our communities as well. However, I have hope for you and I believe that your original intentions will shine through this dark patch.

The outlook I have for you in the future is continuous growth for future generations and to continue to evolve for the betterment of the black community. Please continue to be the glue that everyone can rely on when others may turn and not be dependable. I genuinly appreciate you for everything and I hope you continue with this phenomenal success. 

With love,

Mikaela-Rose Porter

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