A message to Hip Hop at 50 from Kali

Dear Hip-Hop,

 First off I would like to say Happy 50 years of Hip-Hop. Music has come a long way and has evolved drastically throughout the years. I am thankful for everything that you have not only given to me but the world. You have brought me and strangers who are now friends, or even my family come closer together. You bring communities together, and allow for bliss, serotonin, excitement, and happiness to be experienced. I personally find comfort and therapy within music, and the variety of music within hip-hop caters to all, and will never leave you unable to listen to something. You are so involved with so many different elements, like Deejaying, rhyming/rapping, break dancing, and graffiti. 

I have learned that you have been here for generations, you helped during the the civil rights era to be used as a form of protest, and you were even celebrated during Summer Soul 1969, which was a six week occasion where thousands of people attended to celebrate Black history, culture, music, fashion, and mourn Martin Luther King Jr. You are so special to the Black community and have helped during hard times as well push through political problems. Hip-Hop, you are a historic genre, and you are different from any genre out there. There are so many sub-genres within hip-hop and there is something for everyone. Artist expresses themselves differently and share that through their music. People are able to relate, which allows for people to be seen, heard, and less alone. You not only help the artist themselves, but you help the consumers as well. You will forever be remembered!

You have evolved throughout time, and what people used to listen to the 80s is not was people are listening to in the mid 2000s. I enjoy the music that you give that caters to this generation, because it is my generation, but some are not to fond of it. A lot of people in older generations do not get the music we are listening to or believe it is too vulgar, sexual, and expressive. However, that its the whole point of music, to express what you want to. The future looks bright for hip-hop and your star will never dim. Look to the future, remember the past, and never give up.  Allow those who have a genuine love and respect for you find success through you, because fair warning, there are some people who use you in wrongful ways. 

I love you so very much, and continue to lift every black voice. I can not wait to see what you have instored for the upcoming years. Keep on doing you! I will forever listen to you, wether thats me putting on Its A Good Day by Ice Cube, 21 Questions by 50 cent, or even Hellcats and SRTs by SexyRed. 

Much love and appreciation, 

Kali Harris  


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