“A Love Supreme”

“A Love Supreme” was released during the mid-1960s, a period of significant cultural and social change in the United States.This was also a time when jazz was evolving, moving away from traditional forms and embracing more experimental and spiritual directions,  is a monumental and spiritually profound jazz composition by the legendary American saxophonist and composer John Coltrane. Released in 1965, it stands as one of the most influential and celebrated works in the history of jazz music. Coltranre’s work reflects his engagement with African-American cultural and spiritual traditions, as well as his desire to push the boundaries of jazz as an art form. This piece consists of four interconnected movements: “Acknowledgement,” “Resolution,” “Pursuance,” and “Psalm. rooted in a pulsating, driving, and often multi-rhythmic groove.The central melodic motif of “A Love Supreme” is Coltrane’s saxophone theme along with the repetition of the lyrics, 

“A Love Supreme” its played in unison with his quartet members during the “Acknowledgment” section.The harmony of the composition to me reads as intricate and free, allowing for moments of dissonance and tension. This song gave me a deeper appreciation for how jazz speaks to the soul. I can’t imagine any human not loving jazz after listening to this piece.

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