A Detriot Flow

A Detroit Music has evolved but has kept one quality across all its music, The beat. Detroit music has a particular beat and flow to it that's unique.

Detroit Beat

 In the beat you hear pianos and heavy bass that populates the song you know its a Detroit flow.

Detroit Music

What adds elements to the Detroit Music


Crime & Gangs


From living in Detroit, many music speaks about the hustle of making out of the city and becoming better than your surroundings. Due to high poverty in the city, many kids relate to the music because they know the struggle of being in single-parent homes or on welfare. 

Crime and Gang has become apart of the culture in the city. Although it has a negative view, a lot of gang are protection and families for those who don’t have one. In the music you hear talks about different streets and blocks that symbolize the street where you come from.

Drugs use is a heavy problem in Detroit that have led people to the streets or the of heavier drugs.

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