20 Interesting Elements About Folk Music

20 Interesting Elements About Folk Music

Folk music is one of the earliest, emotion-filled music of Black people.
This genre features instruments like the banjo, congas, and even the djembe.
The music in this genre also focuses on polyrhythmic beats: poly meaning many different and rhythmic deriving from the word rhythm.

Let's Dig Into The Instruments Shown Above

The instruments listed above are (from left to right) the banjo, the congas, and the djembe.
The Banjo has a long neck and a round body.
The Congas are larger drums of African origin that are tall, narrow, and lower toned.
The Djembe makes 3 sounds: base, tone, and slap. The base is the lowest, deepest sound, the tone is a higher pitched sound, and the slap is a sharp sound made from hitting the drum.

What Are The Roots of Folk Music ?

Depending on who you ask, folk music stems from any group of individuals, or folk, who have shared experiences, ethnicities, or cultures.
To me, folk music stems from Africa.
Before the voluntary and involuntary migration across the Atlantic, Africans created music and sounds that folk music is derived from.
As mentioned earlier, folk music is filled with emotion: sadness, happiness, suffering, excitement, mourning, and even pain.
This emotion, felt before, during, and after the Transatlantic Slave Trade, is one of the key elements of our Folk that have survived its heinous effects.

Where is Folk Music Now - Has It Evolved ?

From its roots in Western Africa (far left) and Central Africa (far right), folk music has remained a genre. One of its famous festivals and broadcasted places is at the Newport Folk Festival, which is still held to this day. This festival dates all the way back to 1959, as it is one of the first modern music festivals in America. It usually features many artists from around America and is held in the late summer of every year.
Folk music has impressively and simultaneously remained a genre of its own and evolved/ contributed to many other music genres of music after it like Gospel and R&B.

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