Dr. Johnson,

I would genuinely like to thank you for being the professor of the class Survey of African American Music. It has been the most enjoyable course for me throughout this semester. This includes the laughter and the content. You’ve broadened my perspective of what it truly means to be African American, and though that power often times gets lost in translation through many very layered factors in the society in which we live, you’ve emphasized the importance in remembering, if we have nothing, we have the music. You introduced me to topics of music that I didn’t know to have any black roots in them. You truly outlined the evolution of music in a way that was both entertaining and informative. To understand the journey is to understand oneself, and there were moments in class in which I felt extremely proud in learning the impact we as a people have had one the world, regardless how often the credit is given to us or not. Its almost as if things that are understood, do not have to be explained. I enjoyed this class, and am hopeful that the gained knowledge of mine will be used in future conversations and classes of mine.

Enjoy your summer Dr. Johnson

-Imani Jones (German Sociologist)

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