The Era of Jazz From the 1930-40s
By: Noel Harris

Jazz was the music of the twentieth century, sometimes described as “America’s classical music” or “African American classical music.” Jazz originated from the combination of genres like ragtime, blues, marches, and African American religious music. The instruments used in this genre of music are noted for giving off a bluesy vibe. These instruments include the saxophone, bass, trumpet, piano, and drums. Additionally, elements of this genre consist of improvisation, syncopation, and rhythmic propulsiveness. Jazz was listened to all over but very prevalent in New Orleans. A lot of artists originated and traveled from there and to Chicago. Furthermore, jazz was known for its improvising solos and also its ensembles. Finally, there are numerous types of jazz, but Swing and Bebop jazz originated in the 1930s and 1940s.

Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis are just a few of famous artist that emerged during the era of jazz. Duke Ellington was a Pianist from Washington D.C. who is known for being one of the greatest jazz composers. Louis Armstong was a famous trumpet player that emerged from New Orleans. Lastly, Miles Davis was another famous trumpet player.

Swing Jazz

Created: 1930’s

Popular Artist: Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and etc.

Well Known Songs:It Don’t Mean A Thing, Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya, and etc.

Bebop Jazz

Created: Early 1940’s

Popular Artist: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, Bud Powell, and etc.

Well Known Songs: Salt Peanuts, Be Bop, A Night in Tunisia, and etc.

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