The Story Of Jazz Movie Notes By: Noel Harris

-Jazz has roots in a variety of cultures.

-Jazz is known for originating from West Africa 

-When Africans were taken to America as slaves, they created the musical blend that became Jazz.

-Buddy Bolden established himself as the first true music legend

– Louis Armstrong was the father of Jazz and organized solo

-Louis played up high notes. (He possessed the pinnacle of instrumental virtuosity)

-Louis Armstrong’s wife had a significant impact on his career.

-New Orleans became the turn of the century and was a perfect environment for Jazz

-Even though Jazz was popular in New Orleans, it was also popular in Chicago and Detroit.

-Jazz was the roar of the twenties 

-Jazz became a cultural force for African-Americans.

-Harlem, a powerhouse of creativity and nightlife, became a haven for artistic people.

-Duke Ellington real instrument was the orchestra

-The Ellington intustuon was very strong

-Kansa city

-Jazz became America‚Äôs most popular form of music 

-Jazz was known worldwide

-A night out in Harlem was accompanied by jazz music

-In 1924, Sam Wooding traveled and took his music to Berlin, Barcelona, and South America

-Mary Lou Williams, one of contemporary Jazz’s first leading ladies.

– live radio became really popular in the 1930s

-Swing dancing & music

-Duke Ellington was the king of swing

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