By: Noel Harris

What is Record Row?

Record Row is a Rythem and Blues genre that originated on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. They made R&B, blues, soul, and jazz records from the 1950s through the mid-1970s. Record Row provided African Americans with a platform to gain.

Name of Companies on Record Row

As previously indicated, they made records across a wide range of genres. As a result, Record Row was linked to a number of companies. Chance, Chess, One-derful, Constellation, King, Vee-Jay, and Brunswick were among these companies. These companies produced R&B, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, and Soul records.

Name of Artists and on What Label

Chess record label: Muddy water, Little Walter, Willy Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Chuck Berry 

Vee-Jay record label: The Magnificents, Beetles, Jimmy Reed, Calvin Carter, Carl Davis, Bill Shepard, Eddie Harris, The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield, and Gerry Butler 

Brunswick record label: Eugene Record, Carl Davis, Willie Henderson, Barbara Acklin, and etc.

What Certain Labels are Known for

Chess Record Label

  • blues
  • R&B
  • soul
  • gospel 
  • early rock and roll


  • duwop
  • blues
  • gospel


  • soul 
  • R&B

 Record Row Compared to Other Record Company Creations in American Cities

Since they were released around the same time, Record Row can be compared to Stax and Mowtown records. Record Row is similar to both record labels in that it caters to African American performers. They were also comparable in terms of the types of music they produced. However, these groups were distinct in the way they sang and performed their music. Stax, for example, had a country vibe on its songs because it was founded in the south. Furthermore, Record Row’s music was rawer than that of companies like Mowtown Records, whose music was more targeted to a broader audience.

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