How to Write a Blog Post

A great blog post takes an idea, planning, and execution. Dr. Johnson provides great tips for your writing success on Black Music Scholar. Your ideas are important to the worlds understanding of the gift of African American Music.


Always keep the thesis in mind. Your writing should advance your idea and support your argument. A thesis will unite and organize your ideas.


Create an outline based on a draft, or form an outline early in the writing process. Outlines make it easier to define the main ideas and how to arrange them.


Which ideas are most important? Emphasize what is most important and write less about less essential parts.


Related ideas should be written in the same or adjacent paragraphs. This will show a connection between supporting arguments.


Be consistent! If the first three points are organized chronologically, organize the rest of the blog post similarly.

No Redundency

Once you prove your point, move on. Don’t prove the same point over and over again. Each paragraph should add something new to the thesis discussion.


A well-organized blog meets the reader’s expectation. If you raise a question, answer it in the following paragraph. Expectations move the readers through the post and develops the thesis.

Grand Finale

Write your strongest ideas near the end. Make sure that the final paragraph summarized all of your ideas.


Use audio and video examples that point to your thesis statement. Do not overuse media examples and design them in a manner that highlight your scholarship.

Sample Genres

Black Music Scholar is a valuable resources for learning the evolution of African American music in America and beyond. Young scholars have the opportunity to express themselves and discover their true creative nature by understanding the work of the ancestors and beyond.
George Fox
Golden Gate International Inc.


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